Monday, September 5, 2016

New Projects as Always :)

I realize that the last post I made was talking about the vyshyvanka that I want to make. It's still a plan (I bought a bolt of linen eeee! :D) but I have every intention of it being a winter project. I'll also make a shirt or two for my husband out of the linen. It's a little sheer, so I'll have to see how to get it so that I don't need a slip underneath as that'd be a pain in the butt.

This is the testing phase of my embroidery plans. I'll probably adjust it a little from this, but this is a rough start for the sleeve embroideries. I have not tested the second diagonal pattern (which is simple) nor the round symbols around the neckline etc etc. I also need to figure out how to do the decorated seams.

However! I just bought some silver sequin spider web sheer fabric from Joann's and now I'm all a-buzz about what my halloween outfit is going to look like. I have a spider web sheer jacket with a peplum and dangling sleeves from Hot Topic circa 2000, and I'm going to make a sheer overskirt with the new fabric and a black long slip or dress. Maybe if I get off my butt and do it soon, I can do silver spider details along the skirt too!

Of course, I have all of these embroidery plans, but who knows how much I'll actually want to do that considering my student and I will be working on her senior collection this year and MUCH of it will be embroidering bugs onto sheer and see-through jackets and skirts. So, we shall see!

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