Monday, September 14, 2015

Finished Turban

I finished the crocheted turban from 1915 that I'd been working on. I keep wandering around the house with my head all wrapped in cozy yarn. :-P My partner says it looks like a bonnet more than what he thinks of as a turban and that my clothing doesn't match.

Lots of pics!

And here's the ravelry post. I had initially started crocheting this with white Cream 'n Sugar yarn, got 60% of the way complete, and realized that it made too stiff of a fabric and that I needed to use something else. So I pulled out more of that neverending cream stashyarn (wool/cashmere blend I think, frogged from a HUGE Abercrombie men's sweater from Goodwill) and unhappily put it together. It took a lot longer to go the second time through :-P But complete it is, minus some weaving in of ends.

It's fairly comfortable, although it doesn't like going over my hair when it's up in a clip. But it stays put, and goes on easily. And it's LIGHT on my head, though it feels nice and cozy.

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