Saturday, November 28, 2015

Cozy 20s Velvet Gowns?!

So while browsing Etsy, I came across a bunch of gorgeous 20s and 30s velvet dresses, and I'd like to recreate at least one of them.

Number One's description is:

Dress Features: - icy sage green velvet
- 3/4 length sleeves with snaps at cuffs
- v-neck with puckering at bust
- slight drop waist seam
- loose fitting belt
- snaps on side
- wearable for a few sizes depending on preferred fit

(Found on Etsy here)

Number Two's Description is:

A FABULOUS 1920'S BROWN VELVET FLAPPER DRESS..Pictures don't do this any justice, it is breathtaking in person. AMAZING LACE RUNNING DOWN THE SLEEVES AND ON THE V OF THE BODICE. I think someone added snaps on the lace as to be able to fold up the cuffs, I would remove them....but I will leave that to the buyer....Nice Metal detailing on the belt... Great Piece to wear for the Holidays, or a vintage wedding....

(Found on Etsy here)

Number Three's description is:

Midnight silhouette of an Art Deco dream.

Material - midnight black, silk velvet, cream colored lace, Mother of Pearl clasp buckle.

Design - This beautifully designed dresses made it's way through time from the very late 1920's. It features a built in silk and intricately woven lace camisole, which is then covered by a silk velvet caplet. The caplet is sewn to the front of the dress, where a hidden weight, so popular at the time, was used to create a draping effect at the neckline and in the back it is attached only at the neckline allowing it to hang and flow away from the body. The skirt of the dress is form fitted at the waist, with arched panels built into the sides to give flair tot he skirt. The dress also has a lovely like material belt with a carved mother of pearl clasp buckle and side snaps.

(Found on Etsy here.)

Number Four's description is:

Vintage 1930s deep burgundy silk velvet dress. Shirred shoulders natural cotton lace collar and trim around sleeves. Gathered at waist with side metal snap closure and removable buckle belt.

(Found on Etsy here.)

Number Five's description is:

Vintage 1930s black silk velvet cocktail dress! Ruched panel at bust and velvet belt at waist. This dress is figure flattering and so luxuriously soft! Perfect for a special occasion! Zipper at back of neck and at side.

(Found on Etsy here.)

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