Monday, May 16, 2016

Household Work

This past week, I had cleaned out the studio in preparation for a new theory student on Wednesday. Wednesday morning, my landlord knocked on the door and said that in 10 minutes, someone would need roof access. Now, the roof access IS in our apartment, yes, but it's behind the piano. This necessitated my moving EVERYTHING in my studio over so the door was accessible. (And after all that, the tech looked at the horrible, blocked over hole at shoulder height and said "... I'll go through the skylight")

Now everything was EVERYWHERE. And since my shiny new theory student cancelled his lesson that day, I have spent several days doing a complete re-organization and clean of the studio and the back stairs. Just in time for summer and airing everything out!

It's glorious! And of course, I just HAD to take a little time to make some quick projects!

Enter, my two new furry couch pillows! I have had an overabundance of fake fur chilling in my stash for many years now, and I have wanted to have some fake fur pillows to go with the duck head for a while now. And now I do! We have enough pillows on the couch finally!

And just think, this all happened because of a 10 minute warning that I needed to unblock a door! :-D

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