Monday, July 27, 2015

My Vintage Suit Design and Planning

As previously mentioned, I am planning on making my partner and I vintage-style suits for our wedding in December. While finding information regarding men's tailoring is much like pulling teeth, planning the VISUAL aspects of my own suit is far more interesting!

Firstly, I combed Etsy and Google, looking for "vintage suits". I opened up a picture of everything that looked interesting. I went through and reduced it some, but there still remained a lot of pictures that looked interesting. I then sketched out three pages worth of ideas and snippets.

We're talking

a lot

of sketches. You can see why I DID narrow it down a little bit. I figured that if I didn't like it enough to sketch it out, I didn't like it enough.

While I was looking up all of the pretties, I also looked up suit patterns on Etsy. While I could draft my own, I can also be lazy. Surprisingly, or not surprisingly, none of the patterns were quite as interesting as some of the professionally made suits from yesteryear. It's almost like professionals and the home sewer have different skill sets?

Anywho, I wound up buying two suit patterns. One because it kept calling my name, Advance 5131,

and Vogue 8103 because I figured it would have better instructions than the Advance pattern, and was still reasonably cheap.

All these powers combined into my final thoughts on design!

There is a double flap breast pocket on the right hand side, the patch pockets have flaps, there is piping around the edges, and have the cuffs with a functional vent and buttons (as referenced in my men's tailoring book, on page 162). I just fell in love with all the pretty pretty buttons along the back of the suit! But I also wanted a little more oomph, hence the piping along the edges. There are no colors picked, as I want to go fabric shopping with my mother and find a nice fabric, rather than having my heart set on a specific color, and having to settle. I learned the hard way that this is best.

I don't know when the fabric shopping will be, my mother knows that I want to do so at some point this summer because I'm making a suit -- I have not mentioned that it'll be for my wedding, or she might try to purchase the fabric for me.

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