Saturday, July 25, 2015

There is a decided lack of menswear sewing aid

For some reason, I can't hide my eyes from yet another sewing blog, so long as it's a blog for women's clothing. But menswear? Mysterious radio silence. This is a problem, as I have 20 years of female body sewing experience, and easy access to a female body (a.k.a. mine). But sewing for my partner is more of a problem.

This is not to say that there are NO men sewing, or NO blogs that have to do with menswear. However, I am finding it difficult to find a blog that is written by or for a man that does not fit the "short, slender, and uses commercial patterns" demographic. This is further hammered home when searching for tailoring techniques, and all of the sites that have useful information start out their articles with sentences like "... but these will be problems your tailor will know how to overcome."

What to do when you ARE the tailor? This is frustrating as all hell. Does an FBA work the same for someone with pecs? Are theres non-dart solution to fitting troubles with a man's jacket? We shall see. For now, it is involving throwing pencils at the wall in rage.

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