Sunday, July 26, 2015

Rope Bed Reference

Our bed is two futons on the floor. Classy. I have felt for a while that this is the main contributor to both my partner and I having regular back problems and stiffness. It obviously has nothing whatsoever to do with our lack of good posture and poor work habits.

So I want us to build a rope bed. Officially, this is my birthday present... now exactly a month late and we still don't have the supplies. But here is the reference material. Keeping in mind that we have a queen size area and several of these are for twin size.

Link #1
Link #2
Linke #3

All three of the links create a bed similar to the image above. In my wildest dreams, we find an old bedstead and rope-bed-ify it, much like the following picture.

The pros of that would be that it was already queen sized, and pretty! The cons are that it might not be sturdy enough to support the pull of the ropes. There is also the option of doing a canvas sacking bottom like so:

In theory it supports the bed with less sagging and/or worry about falling through, but it looks less adjustable to me.

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