Sunday, July 26, 2015

Suit Information

I'm planning on making myself and my partner vintage style suits for our wedding in December. To that end, I've been gathering posts of reference material for tailoring.

Firstly, here is a source for Hair Canvas (the official search has not yet begun): Hand Bound Costumes on Etsy

Here are a bunch from Gertie:

Setting Tailored Sleeves

Tailoring the Collar

Vintage Jacket Deconstruction

Feather Stitching the Lining Excess

Claire Shaeffers Couture Patterns

Sewing and Tailoring the Upper Collar

Using Carrier Strips to reduce bulk in seams

Tailoring Your Coat Front Part I

Tailoring Your Coat Front Part II

Tailoring Your Coat Front Part III

Tailoring Your Coat Back

Using Sleeve Heads

Hip Padding

Collected Coat Vlogs

How to Mark Roll Lines

Here are a few from Sew Retro Rose:

Inner Workings of a Jacket in Progress

Bound Buttonholes and more Innards

Hand Sewing Hair Canvas etc

Bound Buttonholes and Carrier Strips

Bound Buttonhole Tutorial

A couple from Wearing History:

A Plaid Jacket mid-Process

Pad Stitching the collar

Tweed Jacket mid-Process

Beginning Steps to a Jacket

Using a Fur Collar

A couple from American Duchess:

All of the posts related to her 30s Wool Jacket

All of the posts related to the Red Russian Doll Coat

A couple from Stina P.:

All of the posts related to the red winter coat

All of the posts related to her Dior Jacket

A few from Petit Main Sauvage:

Some back+horsehair work

Final detail work

A shot of the inside and final product

Pocket on a dart

And one from Pimpinett:

The Tracht Inspired Jacket

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