Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Embroidery Lessons

So I was doing the planning for my embroidery student's first lesson next week. I started looking up beginner projects (hella boring) and beginner tutorials. I found things like lists of the top 10 beginner stitches and 16 ways to embroider leaves!

I'm changing it up a little. The stitches that will be involved in my student's first project are:
- running stitch
- back stitch
- split stitch
- stem stitch
- satin stitch
- chain stitch
- lazy daisy
- colonial knots
- woven wheel

This'll be embroidered on some plain muslin or a hankie. The name is backstitch (and either cursive or script). Border is running stitch and chain stitch. Corner in split stitch with lazy daisy and colonial knots. Woven wheel under initial. Small flower in stem stitch, lazy daisy, and colonial knots. Medium flower in stem stitch and colonial knots. Tall flower in stem stitch, satin stitch and colonial knots.

I'm using colonial knots over French knots as I have never had good luck with French knots and colonial knots seem fool-proof.

The first lesson will probably be doing the backstitch for the name. I'll also sketch out all of the details, so that the running stitch could be done in the week between lessons. But this should be fun! I'm looking forward to this.

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