Thursday, January 14, 2016

HFF: Meat and Potatoes

The challenge is described as: Meat-and-Potatoes (January 1 - January 14) They’re a staple for the tables in the most rustic cottages as well as the fanciest banquet tables - and it’s also an idiom meaning a staple or the most basic parts of something. Make a historic “meat-and-potatoes” recipe - however you interpret it.

I had every intention of making some variety of cottage pie, and even bookmarked several. However, I discovered this challenge today. Aka the last day. And after work, I discovered that I had no potatoes that are worth eating. So with my freshly-bought-for-tonight's-dinner ground beef from the butcher, I fried it up with a little butter and garlic, and mixed in a jar of tomato sauce. My partner made a box of store bought pasta. Add in romano and a little ricotta and call it a late and tired dinner.

I call this a forfeit on this challenge. For all that I could define this dinner as the most basic staple of our diet (which is certainly true), the bulk of this was store-bought and I certainly can't find a basic sauce like that in my cookbooks.


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