Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Knitting Woes

I've been working on this sweater for a few days. Right after I finished the lumbar pillow, I wanted to keep knitting. And for once in my life, I wanted to work on a vintage fingering-weight sweater. I already had the gigantic cone of wool fingering. So I started working on a gorgeous pattern.

And I'm blithely following the directions:
Commence at lower edge with 123 sts. on No. 12 needles. Work in rib of k. 3, p. 3, for 3 ins.

Change to No. ll needles and continue in stocking-web until work measures 12 inches on underarm, keeping centre 3 sts. in purl on right side (reverse stocking-web) to continue the purl rib from welt.

Sounds great right? It wasn't until I'm 7.5" inches along my journey (4.5 of that in plain stockinette aka 36 rows or so) that I read the next line.

At the same time increase one stitch both ends of every 8th row until there are 143 sts., after which work straight for about 22 rows.

Well. Here's to frogging 4 inches.

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