Thursday, August 13, 2015

Home Sewers versus Costumers

I read a lot of sewing blogs of all varieties, and honestly, I prefer to read costuming blogs. Several reasons are behind this.

One: I got my sewing start from costuming. Making little outfits for dolls and stuffed animals, sewing halloween costumes, and loving fashion history.

Two: They are more interesting! Instead of a million variations on a modern skirt, there are corsets, and bonnets, and shoes, and stockings, and shapewear/undergarments of all types. The wide variety is fascinating to read.

Three: I learn things. I learn more about fashion history, I learn more about period techniques, I learn more about fitting issues.

Four: The costumers use advanced techniques and use embellishment. When was the last time anyone sewed a blouse covered in pintucks? How about lace insertion? Scalloped hem? Beetlewing embroidery? Most of the homesewing is boring, to be quite frank. I'm glad that your dress is comfortable and now fits perfectly. But could you have done something with it more than a mid-length A-line skirt and kimono sleeved, loose-fitting top?

Bah. Kudos to people who sew regularly, but I don't know how they find the enthusiasm for the variations upon a theme that is modern clothing.

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