Saturday, August 15, 2015

Projects Simmering

So there are a number of projects that are waiting for supplies, energy, or whatever.

Sewing Projects:

- my flannel "dress pants": I have the supplies, I need to rework the pattern, and just get my gumption up to deal with pants.

- my ex-wedding dress redo: I think I'm going to dye it, I have the dye, I just have to finish sewing the panels and finalize a design. I have all the trim ready. I also need to figure out what's going to happen with the bodice.

- the red wool plaid pinafore: I've been handsewing it, so it is getting off my ass and finishing the hem tape, hemming it, pressing it, pleating it, and figuring out the bodice.

- the purple wool "riding skirt" duplicate: I have this awesomely designed drop-front skirt that is super comfy and amazing. I have the wool (from Dorr Mills, the same as the red plaid), I just need to throw it together. And probably buy lining. Or not!

- my wedding suit: 'nuff said

- my partner's wedding suit: ditto ditto

- more pants for my partner: I have tons of fabric I bought to make pants. I should do that.

- the fur-lined alpaca coat: Yeah, I should finish that guy. I got all bummed out at how shitty handsewing fur is. But I'd like that coat to exist.

- my mother's fur collar: I dunno what the hell I did when I started sewing the lining. It needs to not be doing that.

- curtains for Jennifer: I need the measurements and final design from her.

- vintage lace dress: since I'm NOT going to be wearing it to a wedding, what do I want to do with it?

- sheer silk blouses: I need patterns, but I have the supplies. Oooh I can't wait to have them.

- fake fur pillows: self-explanatory

Knitting Projects:

- black cardigan: I need the supplies. I have the pattern.

- white knitted tights: I need the gumption. I have the supplies, but it's such a bitch working on it.

- the "Easy Vintage Sweater" bullshit: I need more navy wool from Michaels. I want that bitch done because it's so fucking stupid.

- the 20s cami/shorts set: I'm nearly done with one of the short pieces and have both of the cami pieces done. Sooooo close! It's just super boring and tiny needles.

\ - brown sweater: I want to do a brown fisherman's cardigan/pullover. Like a dark nutty brown.

- beaded sweater: I want to do a beaded, vintage-style sweater.

- pillows: I want to do fair isle pillows.

Crochet Projects:

- baby blanket for Jen: she got married a year ago. Probs gonna have kids.

- baby blanket for Joni: she's getting married. Def gonna have kids.

- baby blanket for Cali: she's getting married. Probs gonna have kids.

- Alexander McQueen beaded stockings: I have the supplies. Need to finalize the pattern and get going.

- my MIL's scarf: I should prob get a nicer yarn for the outer section, and I also want to bead it. Also finish the main body.

- doily for Liz: haven't finished it, and I promised it forever ago.

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