Monday, August 24, 2015

Project ADD

So while being bored of the knitted underwear project, I thought "hey! I have all the supplies for my Alexander McQueen beaded stockings!" And so I attempted to start it. For one, both of the patterns bookmarked have left the internet. For two, beading takes forever, and 27 of the 500 beads I threaded either didn't fit through the needle or broke. For three, crochet eats yarn so my toe cap work means I have to keep shoving 473 beads farther down the line, over and over again. For four, the new pattern I'm trying for the toe cap (after attempt 1 was a failure) is horrible horrible to work with and with my black, lace-weight yarn, I can't see shit. So it is on pause a mere 2 rows into the attempt.

I wanted happiness and more project ADD, so I started a completely NEW project: a "novelty" crocheted turban from 1915. Posted here. This one is going much better, although the stitch pattern is hilariously time-consuming and yarn-consuming, and the pattern is poorly edited. We shall see how it goes!

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