Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Project Updates

So I've been picking away at working on the suit for my partner. Just cut out a wearable muslin for the pants -- hopefully this is the LAST pants pattern that I'll need to draft. But we wanted to have a pair that he'd wear around and get a better test for fit than a simple muslin. (*sigh) Sometimes he's frustrating to sew for, as he gets cranky about fittings and doesn't seem to care that I put the effort in. Part of that is he's much more indifferent to clothing than I am.

Also threw together the first stage of mockups for the jacket pattern. I only used the basic pattern, there's no collar, no button overlap, etc. But I don't want to go through the trouble of drafting all that if the basic shape doesn't fit. I finished it before he left for work, but he was running late and so we will check the fit this evening. Here's hoping it fits!

In other news, the knitting project I've been working on is going swimmingly. Mysteriously, when one watches all three seasons of Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries in less than a week, the amount of time that can be devoted to knitting goes up. Project page on ravelry here. I have finished the vest, and am halfway done with one of the knickers legs. A knicker? I had to swap to cream yarn midway through the pattern on the knickers as I will run out of pink. Hopefully I changed in the right place to make it even on the other leg. What's amusing is I have no idea how this will get put together. I hope it'll be obvious once it's complete. I do so like completed projects, and this project sat in my WIP box for several years. I'm looking forward to actually WEARING this this winter.

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