Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Sewing Plans

Ok. So January's sewing plans aka Time Before Yvonne Comes Back. Finish my suit skirt. I need to take out the machine hem, put in hem tape, hem it by hand, rehem the clusterfuck that is the lining, attach lining hem to outer hem, and everything involving the waistband.

Make the suit jacket. I keep delaying because I have to clean the studio and wah wah wah.

Get my butt in gear for Metamorphoses. I meet with a second assistant next week. The next production meeting is 1/23, but I want to have plenty done by then.

Fix my purple plaid skirt. It's currently unwearable as I cannot take a full step in it. I HAVE extra fabric to use to make it walkable, I just haven't inserted it yet.

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