Sunday, December 27, 2015

Vintage Secret Santa Review

I realized that I'd never posted about what I received from my Secret Santa! I received a pair of antique knitting needles (wooden, size "3"), and a vintage cookbook entitled "Maine Coastal Cooking: Down East Recipes dating from 1664". The full inside title is: "Maine Coastal Cooking and the Accomplisht Cook, OR, The whole Art and Mystery of COOKERY, fitted for all Degrees and Qualities." Collected and published by Courier-Gazette, Inc in the 1960s.

I also had a very sweet card.

I have to admit, I was a bit intimidated when it came to finding the perfect gifts for you, and I hope I did alright! The knitting needles are from the turn of the century, and though simple, are some of the loveliest I've encountered! And I can't get over how old some of the recipes in the book are... Plus I thought the New England connection would be fitting. :) I hope you enjoy everything and have a lovely holiday and start to the new year. And feel free to keep in touch via post, facebook, or instagram, especially to report in if you try any of the recipes!
XOXO [Secret Santa]

I haven't yet had the chance to read through the cookbook, but what I've seen has been fascinating. The index is in the CENTER of the book (on green cardstock)(it's a spiral-bound booklet), and it appears that the recipes aren't particularly sorted, either by date or ingredient or type of foodstuff. I look forward to exploring its secrets.

In my OWN Secret Santa news, I instagram-stalked by giftee, and discovered that her gifts arrived safe and sound. Yay!

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