Wednesday, December 2, 2015


So after a long phone call to Mood Monday, I got my order straightened out. They've been having problems with their email system, and I should expect my order by the end of this week.

I ordered red and black herringbone wool for my suit (finally getting around to that...), peridot silk for the lining and a matching blouse (probably a pussy bow cause I want one), and a blush silk to make myself a new slip. I still need to purchase thread (which I'll do when it arrives) and hair canvas but that I can do at my local store. Boy am I happy that Y and I spent this semester working on a tailored jacket for her pattern drafting class. I feel much more confident in my ability to do this. As to whether or not I'll make A's suit... probably not. I would like to, but I still don't have a working pattern that I feel confident in and I lost a lot of steam. Maybe when my MassArt kids go on break and my concerts are over I'll find the time? But then I only have a week. And mysteriously there are other things I could do with that week. Like clean my house. Start teaching baby oboe how to make reeds.

In other news, my crocheted turban has up and disappeared. I last saw it on the night of strike for Earnest (so... 11/21). I was going to wear it that night, and then haven't seen it since. So I'm trying to decide if I want to make it again. I really liked it, but that sounds like effort.

I want to buy the wool to replace my zip up lace up jacket since it's falling apart in every direction and it's such a great coat. Maybe I'll actually finish my fur lined one this year too? It's not been cold enough to need it so far.

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